Bangkok Beauty with available light

Bangkok Sunset

Above is the sunset view from the 20th floor of the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok. It was nice to watch the great colors as the sun set and the city lights came alive in the evening. The only tool used for capture of this image is a tripod and remote release. The tripod is one of the most underrated accessories of any inexperienced photo enthusiast, it is one of the things that will improve anyone’s photos because of not only preventing motion blur as would have happened with this photo but it will help with composition and make the photographer think before pressing the shutter. Want to get great photos similar to this? Get a good quality tripod and watch your photos improve.

After watching the sunset it was time to celebrate with a special dinner and entertainment by the river. In fact I can pick out our table from the above picture.

Thai dancing

This photo was taken with just available light from the lamps along the edge of the restaurant seating. We were seated outside next to the river and the lights were in lamps similar to street lighting. Moving my position(because I could not move the lights) I was able to get an interesting direction to the light as the dancers performed near our table.

This entertainment was a nice addition to our meal which was a double celebration.


The real reason for our celebration was because the above picture shows Shelley gaining another milestone on the addition of the number since she was born. Yes a birthday! But not an age day as she is looking as youthful as ever. She was not only happy of the chance to celebrate her birthday away from work but wanting to celebrate the new job and position that she had signed for just a few hours earlier. Yes, not only a new job, but a new country. We are going to Vietnam for next school year. Great news and looking forward to the opportunities that will be presented there.

So after the great meal we headed back through the hotel and I was able to use the existing light at different spots to grab some beautiful shots of Shelley to mark this great day she was having. I only used the camera with a 50mm lens and nothing else to get the following photos. Of course having someone as beautiful and happy in front of the lens helps as she was radiating with her happiness. Enjoy.  TNT

Shelley by the river

Shelley in the lobby lounge

Shelley in the corridor

Summer Time-lapse

Summer is here and time to watch the clouds roll by and enjoy a cold drink. This is a time-lapse done a while ago looking toward Vitosha mountain from my current balcony. I will miss this view when we leave this place. I can watch this and remember very easily, that is the power of photography, it allows us to capture moments and keep our precious memories alive. I have made this with sound added right from Vimeo to match the tranquility of this scene. It was taken over 90 minutes with 900 photos and you can see them all in this 30 seconds, 1 photo precisely every 6 seconds. I used such a short duration because the clouds were really moving fast on this day.

Vitosha Time Lapse from Andy Lang on Vimeo.

Class of 2012

Below is a quick slide show of the Class of 2012 at AAS. The photos are from throughout the year of each Graduate and some group shots. It is interesting to see the changes that happens from the beginning to the end of the year. I wish each of them the best in whatever path they choose to travel on for the rest of their journey through life.

Senior Portrait Shoot

I recently completed a portrait shoot for a Senior. We had the weather hold out and some interesting sky for the outdoor portion of the shoot. We used some off camera flash to give some life to the photos. The subject was great to work with and I am happy with the results that we were able to achieve. Also had some indoor high key photos with a Lastolite Hilite. Here are a few shots from that day in a little video.

A.J. from Andy Lang on Vimeo.

Custom books from ionuphotos

Here are a couple of partial previews of custom photo books from different portrait sessions. The ability to create a custom book with so many photos and personalized text is a great value. The books are of great quality and will be a source of enjoyment for many years to come. They look great on anyones coffee table and permit the photos to be easily enjoyed without finding photo albums or trying to find them on the computer. They are truly portable and easily shared and enjoyed with others. This is another personalized service offered by ionuphotos.
Thanks for stopping by. TNT


Taking outdoor portraits to the next level

It was an overcast day that allowed this photo to be taken with nice soft shadows and the subject able to have a beautifully relaxed face. By that I mean that she did not have to squint as is often the case with some outdoor portraits when the sun is shining. Too often people are left to face the sun and have to battle the bright rays in the eyes. The overcast sky worked like a giant softbox and allowed me to capture a nice portrait.

But….(there is always a but with us photographers) I wanted something with a little more impact. The model is beautiful and I think that this image stands on its own but I wanted to be able to really have her beautiful eyes come through in the portrait. So with the camera settings the same I added some off camera lighting to enhance the model. The hair fan was courtesy of Mother Nature.

I think the final result really shows the impact that the off camera flash can have on taking outdoor portraits to the next level. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Class of 2011

This is a Slide show of a few photos that I have taken over the course of the senior year of the Class of 2011 at AAS. They are a great group that have a bright future ahead of them. I have known some of them since they were in sixth class and it has been a privilege to watch them change from enthusiastic child to mature adult. I wish them all the best for their future.
Be sure to press the full screen button to view the video.